Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary

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Orchard Greyhound Sactuary

Welcome to the Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary Website!

There is now a second Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary. Located outside of Tulla, in County Clare, these greyhounds have a home life similar to OGS in Offaly, So if you live in the West of Ireland and are looking to adopt an assessed and home-raised pet greyhound, you don't need to drive as far as Offaly!

This website will remain inactive except for some photos being added now and then, and we ask you to visit our Facebook pages for updates and to meet the dogs and contact us through there:

for the Offaly OGS: click here

for the Clare OGS: click here

The Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary is a small privately run refuge for rescued and retired greyhounds.
Located in southwest County Offaly in the midst of farming country, greyhounds here are socialised in a home environment, and are far removed from kennel life. Here, they learn their names and household manners, get housebroken and socialised, and in general run free on almost 3 enclosed acres.
Prospective owners are invited to come and visit and stay to get to know the dogs. Great care is given to try to match up the right dog with the right home.

The sanctuary specialises in both caring for sighthounds of all kinds which are found in very poor condition, as well as greyhounds which arrive with and without health and behavioral problems.
Earmarked greyhounds are supported by the Irish Greyhound Board (Bord na gCon), and all other sighthounds, whether they are unmarked greyhounds or another type of sighthound, are supported by donations.
All dogs are here long enough to be fully assessed and readied for adoption, and every effort is made to match up the right dog to the right home and home checks are required.
The Orchard's dogs have been homed to individuals, couples and families, some with children, other dogs, and even cats!
Newly arrived dogs are usually not immediately posted, as time is needed for proper assessment and sometimes recovery to an acceptable level of health.
Anyone pondering adopting a greyhound is welcome to contact us and arrange a visit to meet the dogs in order to experience them in this home setting.
Plenty of post-adoption support is available.

Of Englishe Dogges

Greyhounds and Lurchers must always be kept at a safe distance from small children...
Emer and Girls

Six dogs returning from a walk with their favorite Orchard helper...
Julie and six dogs

Feargal, the inspiration for the main character Furgal in the book Doglands. Haven't read it yet? Get it on Amazon!
Feargal Doglands

Gentle as a lamb...
Feargal sniffing lamb

Even vets say greyhounds make great pets! Here's veterinarian Hilda Mounsey and her own Poppy,
who accompanies Hilda daily on her calls around the countryside!
Hilda Mounsey

Who else thinks greyhounds make great pets?
Conor Dowling, Chief Inspector of the ISPCA and his lovely greyhound Sasha, adopted from us in recent years.
Conor Dowling

Author Jilly Cooper thinks our Feather definitely made a great pet and constant companion!
For more on Feather see her website.
Jilly Cooper

In fact, Jilly Cooper can recommend having TWO greyhounds! Here she is with Feather on her left and OGS's Bluebell on her right.
Bluebell was adopted in June 2011 and has proven to be sociable and affectionate.

Novelist Tim Willocks says that half-greyhounds like his one-in-a-million Feargal make great pets!

Peanut and Declan: the eyes say it all.
Peanut and Declan

Lucy in her new home with bunkmate Rosie
Lucy and Rosie

Some might say that things are done here in harmony...

Likely candidates for cat socializing are carefully taken through several sessions with myself and friend Kate and her four dauntless felines.
Cat testing

The dogs here learn how to get along, and some even share beds.
Josef and Bonnie

Yes, greyhounds are hyper, nervous and unlikely to adjust to living in a house...

Duvet Day...
Ri - Duvet Day

Two former OGS greyhounds Tammy and Ells at home with their new little sister Daisy May.
Tommy and Ells

Visitors must be warned that the sighthounds here are models of decorum and never shamelessly beg for attention. Never.

Sometimes life requires compromise...

Wendy forgot to tell Daisy that greyhounds are NOT lap dogs!
Daisy the Lapdog

A quiet moment in the orchard for Sofi and Clareen

Now living on a horse farm in the countryside, beautiful brindle Brianna and her best friend
Briana and Fiona

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